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Meet the Team

Who are the Keep editors? We’re an interesting crew …

Some of us are former loan advisors, housing counselors, real estate pros, home improvement contractors, urban planners, and all-around nice folks who are focused on one singular mission: To make information – good, accurate, and easy-to-understand information — accessible to everyone.



Danielle Samalin


Danielle Samalin is the CEO of Framework Homeownership (Keep’s parent company). For more than a decade, Danielle has championed innovative, scalable systems that provide consistent quality and efficiency for homebuyers and owners throughout the changing housing market. Danielle was named one of HousingWire’s 2014 Influential Women in Housing. She served on Fannie Mae’s Affordable Housing Advisory Council from 2016-2017, was co-chair of the National Industry Standards Advisory Committee, and co-created the Coalition of HUD Housing Counseling Intermediaries.

Heather Senison

Content Manager

Heather Senison is the Content Manager for Framework Homeownership (Keep’s parent company). Before joining the Keep team, Heather was an editor at a daily newspaper in New York City. She also covered residential and commercial real estate, architecture and design, tech, finance, and more for publications like Forbes, The Real Deal, and Apartment Therapy. Outside of her wordsmithing with Framework, Heather is a musician, and is also a mom to a little boy, an oversized labrador, and a rural side-hall colonial.

Joe Weisbord

Contributing Writer

Joe Weisbord is a Contributing Writer with Framework Homeownership (Keep’s parent company). He’s been working on ending homelessness, expanding affordable housing, and nurturing sustainable communities for more than 30 years. He also spent nearly 15 years at Fannie Mae leading strategic initiatives to increase access to homeownership, prevent foreclosures, and address the needs of marginalized communities nationwide. Joe serves on the boards of the Center for Urban Community Services, the Center for New York City Neighborhoods, and Gateway Housing. He is a founding board member of Hester Street, Funders Together to End Homelessness, and North Brooklyn Neighbors.

Ashley Pose

Social Media Manager

Ashley Pose is the Social Media Manager with Framework Homeownership (Keep’s parent company). She is a Penn State alumnus with degrees in PR and Broadcast Journalism and a lengthy background in social media management. Ashley has concepted and coordinated social campaigns for major consumer brands, including Toys “R” Us and T-Mobile. Outside of content creation for Framework, Ashley and her husband are channeling Chip and Joanna Gaines as they work on their own fixer-upper together, while raising toddler twins. Needless to say, Ashley has lots to share on the realness of keeping up with life and owning a home.

Jacob Powers

Contributing Writer

Jacob Powers is a Contributing Writer with Framework Homeownership (Keep’s parent company). Jacob was raised by a carpenter in a Victorian built in the 1880s. As a result of his upbringing, he received a background in building and home maintenance, along with a fondness for slate roofs and steam radiators. He’s worked on and off as a carpenter since he was a teenager. Along the way, Jacob earned degrees in writing from Amherst College and the University of Oregon. In his spare time, he enjoys writing fiction, fly fishing, and spending time with his family.

Katie Milligan

Product Manager

Katie Milligan is a Product Manager at Framework Homeownership (Keep’s parent company). She and the product team turn Framework’s mission into products that consumers can use. Earlier in her career, Katie worked in the affordable housing industry with various nonprofits and government agencies, starting as a housing counselor. She was also a loan officer for the City of Salt Lake, helping residents access affordable financing to buy and repair their homes. When she’s not busy making the Framework vision a reality, Katie focuses her breath and being present in the moment as a certified yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance.

Laura McKay

Product Copywriter and Editor

Laura MacKay is Product Copywriter and Editor at Framework Homeownership (Keep’s parent company). Prior to joining Framework, Laura worked nationally and internationally as a copywriter, building on her years as a journalist, freelance writer, and copy editor of books and magazines. In her spare time, she’s renovating a 1920s bungalow.

Jabri Whirl

Associate, UX Design Researcher

Jabri Whirl is an Associate, UX Design Researcher for Framework Homeownership (Keep’s parent company). They are a St. Olaf College alumnus with degrees in Studio Art and Art History, and possess a love for using art to encourage connection. Prior to joining Framework, you could find Jabri community organizing and researching local housing developments in the Twin Cities area while serving up lattes with a smile. Jabri has a deep passion for equitable design and design justice, and has supported Framework’s research efforts since September 2019. Outside of their work, Jabri can be found reading all things UX-related, binge-watching “House Hunters,” running around with their Jack Russell terrier puppy, and designing tiny homes for fun.

Laura Lang

Contributing Writer

Laura Lang is a Contributing Writer for Framework Homeownership (Keep’s parent company). She’s spent more than 30 years in the publishing industry and currently covers mortgage and personal finance topics for outlets like NBC’s “Know Your Value.” Laura was formerly editor-in-chief at Fannie Mae and is the author of three non-fiction books on geographic information systems. She resides in central California where she trains dogs and enjoys Zumba dancing.