Own your home, like a pro.

If you’re already a pro at maintaining your most important investment, consider us impressed.
For the rest of us, there's Keep by Framework™!
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Owning your home just got easier—a lot easier!

Keep features new homeowner tools to keep you informed, organized, and prepared for owning and managing your home.

Ready for a repair? Use the Pros tool to build a list of your most trusted contractors. Or, if you’re prepping to paint, you can keep track of your favorite colors in every room—and never miss a match!

Plus, you can organize all of your most important documents and warranties, and receive notifications when services and parts are due to expire. There’s so much to explore and it’s all free and available for you right in the app:

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Next time you see your friends
you’ll be speaking fluent homeowner.

Keep track of important documents and home improvement projects and clear your junk drawer of warranties once and for all. Plus, organize your contractors, home repair notes, favorite paint colors, and more. The Keep app is a valuable resource designed to help you manage your home like a pro.



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