Determine Your
Home Maintenance Needs

Home maintenance have your head spinning? Let’s slow it down!

Evaluate necessary maintenance and repairs for six major parts of your home with Keep by Framework’s Assessments feature.

Assess Your Home

Using step-by-step check-ups, maintain your home with ease. Head to the Maintenance section of the app and select Assessments start assessing your flooring, appliances, roof, and more.

  • Detect issues easily
  • Get ahead of costly repairs
  • Protect your home investment

Still in the process of buying a home?
Use Assessments to help you understand the potential maintenance needs of each home.

Discover Your To-dos

Capture your maintenance needs by creating To-dos based on each Assessment. Set reminders to keep up with your home-related tasks.

Explore more features

Set up your Home Profile to manage your home maintenance needs by organizing your home’s most important documents and details.

Don’t limit your to-do’s to Assessments. Learn more about Keep’s To-do list feature and get any home project organized and on track!