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Every day as a homeowner comes with stability, pride, and confidence. It also comes with a list of stuff to do that never truly ends. You’ll do so many things right, but mistakes will happen every once in a while, too. And hey, that's OK! It’s all part of the journey to confident homeownership.

Woman watering potted plants outside her home.

7 Homeowner Tax Deductions to Save You $

Get ready to make friends with IRS Schedule A!

Jan 20 2022
Woman reads a book in a dimly lit living room while snuggled on a chair under a warm blanket.

Need a New Heating System? Here’s What to Consider

Whether you’re currently shopping for a new system or want to be ready for when you need to be, here are a few important things to keep in mind.

Jan 18 2022
Woman rolling a turquoise coat of paint onto a wall in her home.

$50 Home Updates That Make a Big Impact

What do you do when your home needs an update but you're on a limited budget? You use affordable DIY tricks that leave a big change.

Jan 04 2022
Man washes dishes in modern kitchen sink.Man washes dishes in modern kitchen sink.

Foreclosures Officially Resumed July 31. What Happens Now?

Mortgage companies can now move forward with foreclosure proceedings. Read More