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Every day as a homeowner comes with stability, pride, and confidence. It also comes with a list of stuff to do that never truly ends. You’ll do so many things right, but mistakes will happen every once in a while, too. And hey, that's OK! It’s all part of the journey to confident homeownership.

Woman getting ready to walk her golden retriever.

Freedom! How to get rid of PMI

Private mortgage insurance doesn't last forever.

May 25 2021

After the Storm: A Simple Home Inspection Guide

A walkthrough of how to inspect your home after a major storm.

Apr 22 2021
Woman watering potted plants outside her home.

7 Homeowner Tax Deductions to Save You $

Get ready to make friends with IRS Schedule A!

Apr 16 2021
Dog digging into a hole with kids in their yard.Dog digging into a hole with kids in their yard.

Unwelcome Guests: The 7 Most Common Household Pests

Dealing with rodents, insects, and spiders is a natural part of homeownership. Read More