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Loan Assistance for Veterans During COVID-19

Mar 24 2020

Veterans: How can we thank you and your families enough for the sacrifices you’ve made for all of us? For most of us, ensuring that you’re able to buy and maintain a home is the least we can do.

However, let us first say that we care deeply and are here to help you through this tough time. On the bright side, just because you’re experiencing hardship doesn’t mean your house will immediately go into foreclosure. You have some time and a number of preventative steps to take, which we outline in our post “Loss Mitigation Explained: How to Catch Up if Your Mortgage Falls Behind.”

If you’re a veteran, an active duty service member, a surviving spouse of a deceased veteran or a reservist or National Guard member, just as you may qualify for a low-interest home loan backed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, you can also access help if you’re struggling with mortgage bills in emergencies like the Coronavirus outbreak.

Here are a few ways the VA can help you now:

  • The VA is offering financial counseling to veterans and surviving spouses.
  • VA technicians are available to provide help with VA direct or VA-backed loans anytime. Don’t have a VA direct loan but still need help? Technicians can help you communicate with your servicer even if you don’t have a VA direct loan.
  • A VA technician will be automatically assigned to your loan if your VA direct or VA-backed loan is 61 days past due.
  • In the middle of applying for a loan? The VA is offering services via phone, email and other electronic methods to those who are still in the application process.
  • The VA is hosting a public health response to COVID-19, in which it is updating veterans on things like where cases are being reported and what to do to stay safe. Find information on its Coronavirus site.
  • Find VA COVID-19 screening centers on its healthcare facility lookup page.


Head to “VA help to avoid foreclosure” for more information from the VA.

For more information about financial protection, visit consumerfinance.gov. Nervous about Coronavirus mortgage relief scams? The Federal Trade Commission has tips on how to avoid them at FTC.gov.

Need some coaching for calls about your loan? Our post “Worried About Paying Your Mortgage? What To Do in a Crisis like COVID-19” walks you through it.

Have more questions or want to talk to a home expert? Download the Keep Home™ app to access the free Home Expert tool.

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