Owning Your Home

Welcome home! (What happens now?)

Every inch of this place is yours to keep, care for, and change however you want. That means every day as a homeowner comes with stability, pride, and confidence. It also comes with a list of stuff to do that never truly ends. You’ll do so many things right, but mistakes will happen every once in a while, too. And hey, that's OK! It’s all part of the journey to confident homeownership, which lasts from your first day in the home until the last.

We can help you greet each step of that journey with a calm outlook, a confident approach, and plenty of sound advice.

Moving in Moving in

Moving in

The keys are yours and your days are full of boxes, lists, and sorting through your stuff. It all feels new and perhaps intimidating. How do you ready your new home for your first days in it? We’ll help you feel safe and secure with guidance on how to:

  • Do all the “firsts” to prep your new home for living
  • Understand what to expect with your monthly mortgage payment
  • Build a safe and well-protected place
Focus on what to do first
Keep track of everything important Keep track of everything important

Keep track of everything important

You have lots of new stacks of paperwork to sort through. You may be wondering what’s the best way to stay organized? Or, how can I be ready for my first tax day as a homeowner? Learn how to:

  • Keep your documents organized and safe
  • Own the tax season and maximize deductions
  • Adjust and use your homeowners insurance
Track the important stuff
Planning your improvements Planning your improvements

Planning your improvements

You’re beginning to notice that, as a homeowner, there will always be another project. What’s the difference between maintenance and improvement? How do you make good choices about what to do, and when? Get ready to:

  • Take advantage of incentives to create an energy efficient home
  • Create equity for yourself and use it wisely
  • Plan and prioritize seasonal maintenance and home improvements
Plan and Prioritize